About Witwater

Witwater wildlife conservancy is situated in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. Witwater Safari Lodge and Spa is surrounded by the overwhelming Waterberg Mountains on the banks of the evergreen Phalala River. The river has decided to pool in front of the main lodge keeping the large trees on its bank green even during the driest part of the year. The river has carved its way through the Waterberg Mountains over millions of years leaving exposed cliffs and rock faces for the nearly extinct bushman people to paint their heritage on.  A heritage that Witwater is proud to be part of. Over 300 identified bird species sing an earth song that serves as an introduction to a dawn frog orchestra. The Jonkmanspruit, a stream that is trying to convince the world that it is also a river mounts into the Phalala River down a waterfall in the main lodge and adds to the atmosphere that is Witwater. As a result you will be overcome by the tranquillity and serenity. As if this were not enough our cliff top wellness in the wilderness spa will ensure that you are relaxed and revitalized while you enjoy the view. Trees are sacred and with this in mind the lodge was constructed resulting in a snugly nestled accommodation between trees. You will marvel at the beauty of the mountains, valleys, water, animals and the African sky and will find that it is not possible to even remotely describe the awe of the setting that is Witwater.

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