Awaken to the African bush in a bed, hand selected so that you would have had the best night’s sleep in ages. The relaxed dinner atmosphere of last night still lingers in the back of your mind but the excitement of the morning’s game drive wills you to the early morning coffee, pastries and rusks prepared by the ranger that took care of you on your dawn game drive.

 After the dusk game drive you indulge in a 2 course served brunch and have the waffles, cream and peaches as a starter, just because you can. After resting a little more you go for a pedicure at the award winning spa, before going to high tea because you are a bit peckish again. The ranger asks you to join him on the dusk drive again and after seeing possibly Cheetah, Leopard, Rhino, Giraffe you sip a warm hot chocolate while watching the sun set over the beautiful waterberg mountains with other guest who enjoy your company. 

The ranger explains that there is a bushman’s heritage site on the property and you decide that you will try your hand at archery and visit the bushman paintings. After your Chocolate you go look for some nocturnal creatures on your way back to the lodge where the restaurant staff has prepared a traditional African boma under the African night sky. You wonder if live can get any better than this while a waiter asks you if you would like to have a hot malva pudding.


As you walk onto the deck you are greeted with a sublime view of the Phalala River which offers its peace and serenity to the moment. It has subtle charm and an everlasting grace. It can seat maximum of 60 Guests in absolute comfort.

Food Rates : 


Starter :   £4.50

Main :   £11.00

Desert : £4.00


Starter :   £4.50

Main :   £11.00

Desert : £4.00


High Tea : £6.50

Game Drives : £16.50

Afternoon Game Drive with High Tea : £20.50

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